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Any suitable type of book in the following categories - Babies Books, Picture Books, Books for Kids, Learning Books, Adventure Books and Family Books is acceptable. Your book may be a Novel, a Collection of Short Stories or even your own Poetry.
We have to apply the following conditions to all submissions.

1. Books must be written entirely in the English language. This is essential to ensure that the content is suitable for children and families as unfortunately I have no other language skills.
2. Books must be in one of the following formats:- Microsoft Word Document, Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or a simple text file. They must not be password protected.

You must give us a valid e-mail address to be included on your personal page with full details of your book. Hotmail or similar addresses are not acceptable.

4. A synopsis of 400 to 500 words must be included.  Not required for picture books, individual short stories or poetry where a short description will be fine.
5. Suitable illustrations are acceptable [by prior arrangement for a significant number]
6. No bad language whatsoever will be accepted.
7. You must certify in your e-mail that the book you are submitting is all your own work.
8. As you are submitting your own work, you will retain the copyright.

By sending us your book, you are agreeing to allow us to make it available to be downloaded free of charge by any visitor to our website.

10. We are not liable for any views expressed by any writers contribution to our site
11. We would never knowingly include copyright material on our site. If you find a problem we would be extremely grateful if you would contact us direct ASAP.
12. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at our discretion.

UK Copyright Information

In the UK, the Copyright of any recording expires 50 years after the date of release.

Here is an extract from the UK Regulations:

13 Duration of copyright in sound recordings and films

(1) Copyright in a sound recording or film expires—
(a) at the end of the period of 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which it is made, or
(b) if it is released before the end of that period, 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which it is released.

(2) A sound recording or film is “released” when—
(a) it is first published, broadcast or included in a cable programme service, or
(b) in the case of a film or film sound-track, the film is first shown in public;
In determining whether a work has been released no account shall be taken of any unauthorized act.

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