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2nd January

1492 Muhammad XI, the leader of the last Arab stronghold in Spain, surrendered to King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I

1635 Cardinal Richelieu founded the Academie Francaise.

1727 * James Wolfe, British general who captured Quebec in 1759 from the French.

1788 Georgia was admitted to the Union as the 4th state.

1839 French photographic pioneer Louis Daguerre took the first photograph of the moon.

1866 * Professor Gilbert Murray, English classical scholar, born in Sydney, Australia.

1900 The first electric omnibus ran in New York City, USA.

1905 The Russo-Japanese war ended.

1920 * Professor Isaac Asimov, Russian-born US science fiction writer of some 200 books.

1935 The Bruno R. Hauptmann trial began for the kidnap and murder of the Lindbergh baby.

1938 * David Bailey, English photographer.

1944 Helicopters were used in warfare for the first time by the US army over the Atlantic.

1959 USSR launched Lunik 1, the first solar satellite, to observe the Moon.

1968 The worlds first heart transplant was carried out.

1969 The Australian media magnate, Rupert Murdoch, won control of the News of the World newspaper group.

1971 Sixty-six football supporters were killed following a clash between Celtic and Rangers at the Ibrox Park stadium in Glasgow.

1980 Steel workers are staged their first national pay strike for more than fifty years.

1996 The first American combat troops arrived in Northern Bosnia to try to keep the peace between Bosnian Serbs and Muslims.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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