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4th January

1809 * Louis Braille - French inventor of an alphabetic system for the blind.

1885 The first successful appendix operation performed by Dr. Williams Grant, in Iowa, USA.

1914 * Jane Wyman, US film actress who won an Oscar for Johnny Belinda (1948).

1932 Mahatma Gandhi arrested by the British after National Congress of India declared illegal.

1935 * Floyd Patterson, US heavyweight boxing champion and youngest world title holder.

1936 US magazine Billboard published the first pop music chart based on record sales.

1937 * Dyann Cannon, US film actress.

1944 The British 5th Army launched an attack on Monte Cassino, Italy.

1948 Burma (Myanmar) gained independence from Great Britain.

1951 During the Korean War, North Korean and Communist Chinese forces captured the city of Seoul.

1959 The Luna 1 spacecraft became the first to leave Earth's gravity.

1967 Donald Campbell died while attempting to break his own water speed record in his jet-powered boat, Bluebird K7.

1986 Phil Lynott, the former front man of rock group Thin Lizzy, died 11 days after collapsing from a drink and drug binge.

1989 Two Libyan jets were shot down by US aircraft in the Mediterranean.

2000 The first British women to walk across Antarctica arrived safely at the South Pole.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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