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20th January

1841 Hong Kong was ceded to the British.

1892 The first game of basketball was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

1896 * George Burns, US comedian who won an Oscar for The Sunshine Boys (1975).

1920 * Frederico Fellini, Italian film director of La Dolce Vita (1960).

1920 * DeForest Kelley, US TV actor, famous for his role as Dr. 'Bones' McKoy in Star Trek.

1934 * Tom Baker, British stage and television actor best known for the TV series 'Dr. Who'.

1942 The Nazis formulated their "Final Solution" regarding the Jews at the Wannsee Conference.

1944 The RAF dropped 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin, Germany.

1961 Democrat John F Kennedy was sworn in as the youngest ever elected president of the USA.

1964 The Beatles released their first album in the United States, Meet the Beatles.

1981 At the age of 69 years and 349 days, President Reagan became the oldest president to take office.

1981 52 American hostages seized from the American Embassy in Tehran were released after 444 days in captivity.

1986 France and Britain agreed to build a tunnel under the English Channel.

1987 The Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy, Terry Waite, disappeared in Beirut.

2001 George W. Bush sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States.

2002 Photographs of prisoners being held at a Guantanamo Bay in Cuba sparked outrage.

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