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21st January

1793 Louis XVI, King of France was guillotined in the Place de la Revolution.

1911 The first Monte Carlo Rally was held and won by Frenchman Henri Rougier.

1924 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin died in Moscow.

1925 * Telly (Aristotle) Savalas, US film and TV actor, famous for his role as Kojak.

1940 * Jack (William) Nicklaus, US champion golfer, winner of numerous golfing titles.

1941 * Placido Domingo, Spanish-born opera singer.

1945 Martin Shaw, Actor in "The Professionals".

1950 Acclaimed author George Orwell died in London.

1950 Former State department official Alger Hiss found guilty of perjury.

1954 USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine was launched.

1957 * Geena Davis, US film actress.

1959 Famous Hollywood film director, Cecil B. De Mille, died aged 77.

1976 The inaugural flight of Concorde took place from London Heathrow to Bahrain.

1981 Tehran freed 52 American hostages after 444 days

1992 The United Nations ordered Libya to surrender intelligence agents accused of the Lockerbie and French airliner bombings.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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