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22nd January

1788 * Lord Byron, English Liberal and romantic poet.

1879 The Zulu's massacred British troops as Isadlwana.

1901 Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for 63 years (the 4th longest among longest-reigning monarchs and the longest for queens).

1905 Russian troops fired on 120,000 protesting workers in St. Petersburg Russia,500 workers were killed.

1920 * Sir Alf Ramsey, England soccer manager from 1963 - 1974.

1940 * John Hurt, English actor who starred in the film The Elephant Man (1980).

1941 Tobruk, North Africa, was captured by Australian troops.

1944 The allied landings in Anzio, Italy, began.

1959 * Linda Blair, US actress who starred in the film The Exorcist.

1962 James Hanratty, accused of murdering physicist Michael Gregsten in a lay-by on the A6, entered a plea of "not guilty".

1972 The United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Denmark joined the EEC.

1974 Loyalists were expelled from the Northern Ireland Assembly.

1979 Tens of thousands of public sector workers took part in a day of action - the biggest mass stoppage since 1926.

1980 One of the Soviet Union's most outspoken critics, nuclear physicist Dr Andrei Sakharov, was sent into internal exile.

1990 President Mikhail Gorbachev made a statement on Soviet television explaining the Soviet crackdown on civil unrest in the republic of Azerbaijan.

1997 The U.S. Senate confirmed Madeleine Albright as the first female secretary of state.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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