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24th January

0041 Roman emperor, Gaius Caesar, better known as Caligula, was murdered

1712 * Frederick the Great, King of Prussia.

1848 Gold was first discovered in California, in Sutter's mill. When President Polk announced the news in December, the gold rush began.

1908 Robert Baden-Powell formed the first Boy Scout troop in England.

1916 Conscription was introduced in Britain to provide men for the western front.

1917 * Ernest (Ermes Effron) Borgnine, US actor who won an Oscar for Marty (1955).

1945 * Neil Diamond, US singer and songwriter who wrote the hit song 'Kentucky Woman'.

1961 Hollywood screen star Marilyn Monroe divorced her husband of five years, playwright Arthur Miller.

1961 * Natassja Kinski, daughter of German actor Klaus Kinski, who starred in Tess (1979).

1965 Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill died at the age of 90.

1966 Over 100 passengers were killed when an Air India Boeing-707 plane crashed into Mont Blanc.

1972 Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi was discovered in Guam, having spent 28 years hiding in the jungle not knowing that World War II had ended.

1978 An orbiting Russian satellite crashed to earth near Yellow Knife, Canada.

1986 Voyager Two space probe passes within 51,000 miles of Uranus.

1987 Terry Waite, representative of the Church of England was kidnapped in Beirut.

2001 Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson resigned from the Cabinet over a "passports for cash" scandal.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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