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6th February

1685 King Charles II died.

1804 Joseph Priestley, British chemist, died. His work on the isolation of gases led him to discover oxygen in 1774.

1865 General Robert E. Lee became chief of the Confederate Armies.

1899 The Spanish-American War ended with a peace treaty between Spain and the United States.

1911 * Ronald Reagan, US film actor who became the 40th US President.

1920 * Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-born actress who appeared in Moulin Rouge (1952).

1922 * Patrick McNee, Scottish actor who starred in the TV series The Avengers.

1928 A 35 year-old woman claimed to be Anastasia, daughter of the murdered Tsar of Russia.

1935 The popular board game Monopoly went on sale for the first time.

1943 * Gayle Hunnicut, US film actress.

1952 His Majesty, King George VI, died peacefully in his sleep at Sandringham House, aged 56. Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

1958 Seven Manchester United soccer players died in a plane crash at Munich airport.

1959 Indira Ghandi became the leader of India's Congress Party.

1971 Astronaut Alan B. Shepard hit three golf balls on the moon.

1983 War criminal and former Gestapo commandant, Klaus Barbie, arrived in France to stand trial for crimes committed 37 years ago.

1989 Sky satellite television began broadcasting in Britain.

1991 Debis from the Soviet space station 'Salyut 7' fell into the Atlantic as it broke up.

2001 The leader of the right-wing Likud party, Ariel Sharon, won a landslide victory to become the new prime minister of Israel.

2005 Tony Blair became the Labour Party's longest-serving prime minister.

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