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19th February

1674 The Netherlands and England signed the Peace of Westminster, by which New Amsterdam passed to the English (and was renamed New York).

1800 Napoleon Bonaparte became first Consul after overthrowing the French government.

1878 Thomas Alva Edison patented the phonograph.

1906 William S. Kellogg formed the Battle Creek Cornflake Co. to make his breakfast cereal.

1911 * Merle Oberon, Tasmanian-born film actress who starred in Wuthering Heights (1939).

1924 * Lee Marvin, US film actor who won an Oscar for the film Cat Ballou (1963).

1940 * Smokey Robinson, US singer.

1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order resulting in the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast.

1960 * Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II.

1961 police in London broke up a demonstration against the murder of ex Prime Minister of Congo Patrice Lumumba.

1968 The High Court awarded compensation to 62 children born with thalidomide-induced deformities.

1976 Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with Britain over the "cod war".

1992 North and South Korea officially ended their 40 year confrontation.

1997 China's reformist leader Deng Xiaoping died at the age of 92.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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