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2nd March

1836 Texas declared its independence from Mexico.

1877 Rutherford B Hayes was declared president by a US electoral commission as the original result was too close to call. He was the only president elected this way.

1882 Robert MacLean tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor.

1917 Puerto Rico became a US territory and Puerto Ricans gained American citizenship.

1931 * Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet leader who introduced Glasnost.

1933 King Kong, starring Fay Wray, premiered in New York.

1943 * George Benson, US singer whose hits include 'On Broadway'.

1944 * Lou Reed, US singer best known for his song 'A Walk On the Wild Side' (1973).

1949 Captain James Gallagher completed the first non-stop around the world flight in 94 hours, 1 minute.

1956 Morocco gained independence from France.

1956 King Hussein of Jordan sacked the British commander Lieutenant General John Bagot Glubb, of the Arab Legion.

1958 * Ian Woosnam, Welsh golfer.

1958 The Antarctic was crossed for the first time by Dr Vivian Fuchs.

1960 An earthquake in Morocco killed 20,000 people.

1969 The supersonic airliner Concorde piloted by Andre Turcat made a "faultless" maiden flight.

1970 Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Smith declared his country a republic.

1974 The US Grand Jury said Richard Nixon was involved in the Watergate cover-up.

1986 The Queen signed a proclamation giving Australia legal independence.

1988 In Britain the Liberal Party merged with the SDP to form the Liberal Democrats.

1991 The Tamil Tigers were blamed for the assassination of Sri Lanka's Deputy Defence Minister, Ranjan Wijeratne.

2001 The Taliban began the destruction of ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

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