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14th March

1794 The cotton gin was patented by Eli Whitney.

1879 * Albert Einstein, German-born mathematician who published the 'Theory of Relativity'.

1885 Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado had its first performance at the Savoy Theatre, London.

1933 * Quincy Jones, US composer who produced Michael Jackson's album 'Thriller'.

1933 * Michael Caine, English actor who caught the public's attention in the film Zulu (1964).

1936 The first airline service to Hong Kong was started.

1946 * Jasper Carrott, English comedian.

1953 Nikita Krushchev became the First Secretary of the Communist Party.

1958 * Prince Albert of Monaco was born to Princess Grace - formerly film star Grace Kelly.

1961 A revised version of the New Testament was published.

1964 Jack Ruby found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of John F. Kennedy.

1990 Mikhail Gorbachev was voted into the position of Soviet president.

1991 The "Birmingham Six" were freed after 16 years when their convictions for the murder of 21 people in two pubs were quashed.

1992 Popular snooker star Jimmy White won the European snooker championship.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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