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15th March

0044 B.C. On the "Ides of March", Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the senate house by a group of conspirators.

1493 Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first visit to the Western Hemisphere.

1767 * Andrew Jackson, seventh US President.

1869 The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first all-professional baseball team.

1887 The first ever Test Match was played at Melbourne in Australia,

1909 American tycoon G S Selfridge, opened his first store in London.

1917 Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, abdicated as the Russian Revolution reached a climax.

1933 Adolf Hitler proclaimed the Third Reich.

1935 * Judd Hirsch, US comedy actor who starred in the hit television series, Taxi.

1937 The first hospital blood bank in the United States was established, in Chicago, at Cook County Hospital.

1941 * Mike Love, US singer and member of the pop group The Beach Boys.

1961 * Terence Trent d'Arby, US singer.

1962 The Liberals got their first by-election victory for four years, by winning Orpington.

1964 Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were married in Montreal, Canada.

1974 Architect John Poulson was jailed for five years for bribing public figures to win contracts.

1983 A letter bomb sent to the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was defused by explosives experts.

1991 The USA and Albania restored diplomatic relations after 52 years.

1990 Mikhail Gorbachev was elected the first executive president of the Soviet Union. On the same day, the Soviet parliament ruled that Lithuania's declaration of independence was illegal and Soviet law was still in force in the Baltic republic.

1990 Iraqi authorities executed the Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft in Baghdad.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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