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28th March

1483 * Raphael (Raffaello Santi), Renaissance artist.

1910 The first seaplane, designed by Henri Fabre took off near Marseille, France.

1921 * Dirk Bogarde, English actor who starred in The Servant (1963).

1930 The cities of Constantinople and Angora changed names to Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.

1935 * Michael Parkinson, English journalist, television and radio presenter.

1939 The Spanish Civil War ended.

1942 * Neil Kinnock, Welsh-born former leader of the British Labour Party.

1945 The last German V2 rocket fell on Britain.

1964 The most violent earthquake 9.2 in the United States struck Prince William Sound, Alaska.

1979 A nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island threatened disaster to a wide area.

1989 The San Diego Yacht Club was stripped of the America's Cup for violating the rules.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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