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16th April

1746 The Jacobite uprising in England ends when Charles 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' Stuart is defeated by the Duke of Cumberland.

1889 * Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, English-born comedian and star of numerous silent movies.

1902 A rally in Dublin Park attracted over 20,000 people protesting against British legislation.

1912 Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.

1917 Lenin returned to Russia after 10 years in exile in Switzerland.

1918 * Spike Milligan, humorist who changed British comedy with his Goon Shows on BBC radio.

1921 * Peter Ustinov, English actor and writer who won an Oscar for Spartacus (1960).

1924 * Henry Mancini, US composer of 'Moon River' and 'The Pink Panther'.

1953 Thousands welcome the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they arrived in Scotland to launch the new royal yacht, Britannia.

1964 German Geraldine Monk became first woman to complete a solo round-the-world flight.

1964 Some of the longest sentences in British criminal history have been imposed on men involved in the so-called "Great Train Robbery".

1970 Protestant right-winger Ian Paisley has won a seat in Northern Ireland's parliament.

1972 China sent President Nixon two giant pandas as a gift.

1975 Cambodia fell to the Communist Khmer Rouge.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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