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17th April

1521 Martin Luther was excommunicated by the diet at Worms.

1790 Benjamin Franklin, US diplomat, who signed the Declaration of Independence, died in Philadelphia.

1894 * Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, former leader of the USSR.

1895 The Sino-Japanese War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

1929 * James Last, Dutch band leader, composer and arranger.

1946 * Clare Francis, English yachtswoman who in 1976 crossed the Atlantic in 29 days.

1951 A massive air and sea search for the HM Submarine Affray is under away after it went missing earlier today.

1951 * Olivia Hussey, English actress who starred in Romeo and Juliet (1968).

1956 Harold MacMillan's Budget speech introduced Premium Bonds to Great Britain.

1961 Reports from Cuba say an invasion force has landed on the island to try to overthrow the country's leader, Fidel Castro.

1964 Geraldine Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world.

1969 A 21-year-old woman, Bernadette Devlin, was voted in as Britain's youngest ever female MP and the country's third youngest ever.

1969 Sirhan Sirhan was convicted for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.

1975 Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge, ending the five year Cambodian war.

1982 Queen Elizabeth II signed an act transferring the sovereignty of Canada.

1984 A policewoman WPC Yvonne Fletcher, was killed after shots were fired from the Libyan People's Bureau in central London.

1986 El Al security at Heathrow, London foil an attempt to smuggle a bomb aboard an airliner.

1999 A bomb explosion in south London injured at least 45 people.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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