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19th April

1775 The American War of Independence began at Lexington, Massachusetts.

1824 Lord Byron died of a fever while helping the Greeks fight the Turks.

1882 Naturalist Charles Darwin, developer of the theory of evolution, died.

1903 * Eliot Ness, famous US government agent who fought US Mafia gangsters.

1933 * Jayne Mansfield (Vera Jane Palmer), US actress who made her name on Broadway.

1935 * Dudley Moore, English actor who starred in the film Arthur (1981).

1946 * Tim Curry, English actor who starred in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

1956 Prince Rainier of Monaco married his dream princess, film star Grace Kelly.

1961 US backed Cuban exiles invaded their former homeland at the Bay of Pigs.

1972 The British army were largely exonerated of blame for 'Bloody Sunday' which led to the deaths of 14 civilians in Northern Ireland.

1993 The siege at Waco, Texas, ended when FBI moved into the Branch Davidian compound with tear gas and cult members set fire to the compound killing over 80 people.

1995 A 1000 lb car bomb exploded outside the Oklahoma City Federal building killing 200.

2001 The world's biggest pharmaceutical companies backed out of a landmark court battle over cheap anti-Aids drugs.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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