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28th April

1442 * King Edward IV, son of Richard, Duke of York.

1758 * James Monroe, US Republican statesman and 5th US President.

1770 Captain Cook in the ship Endeavour landed at Botany Bay.

1789 The crew of the Bounty led by Fletcher Christian mutinied against Captain Bligh.

1941 * Ann Margaret, Swedish actress, singer and dancer.

1942 * Mike Brearly, former England cricket captain.

1945 Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy until his downfall in 1943, was been killed by partisans along with his mistress, Clara Petacci, and some close associates.

1947 Thor Heyerdahl and five others began their Pacific Ocean crossing on the raft, Kon-Tiki.

1967 Boxing champion Muhammad Ali refused to be inducted into the Army.

1969 The French president, Charles de Gaulle, resigned from office after 11 years, following his defeat in a referendum on governmental reforms.

1986 The Soviet Union admitted there had been an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine.

1990 'A Chorus Line' closed on Broadway after a record-breaking 15 year run.

1994 Former CIA agent Aldrich Ames admitted selling secrets to the Soviet Union and then Russia, in one of the most damaging spy cases in US history.

2001 A billionaire businessman 'Dennis Tito, aged 60' from California became the first paying passenger to travel into outer space.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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