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3rd May

1469 * Nicolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, Italian statesman and author of The Prince (1532).

1494 Explorer Christopher Columbus, on his second expedition, discovered Jamaica.

1500 Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvarez Cabral claimed Brazil for his nation.

1906 * Mary Astor, US film actress who appeared in the film The Maltese Falcon (1941).

1934 * Henry Cooper, British heavyweight boxing champion in 1952.

1936 * Engelbert Humperdink (Arnold Dorsey), US singer who recorded the song 'Release Me'.

1951 King George inaugurated the Festival of Britain at a service in St Paul's Cathedral and later attended a concert at the new Royal Festival Hall on London's south bank.

1968 The first heart transplant operation was carried out by Dr. Donald Ross of Great Britain.

1977 The first World Badminton Championships were held in Malmoe.

1986 At the age of 54, legendary horse jockey Bill Shoemaker became the oldest person to win the Kentucky Derby, riding Ferdinand to victory.

1986 A bomb exploded on an Air Lanka passenger jet at Colombo's airport leaving 21 dead and 41 injured. The Tamil Tigers are suspected of the outrage.

1990 Members of the new parliament of the Soviet republic of Latvia met to discuss independence from Moscow.

1999 Kansas and Oklahoma were hit by an outbreak of more than 55 tornadoes, including one measured at F5 on the Fujita scale.

2000 The London Stock Exchange and Germany's Deutsche Boerse confirmed they are to merge, creating the world's second largest stock market.

2001 The United States, a member of the UN Human Rights Commission since its inception, lost its seat. It would be restored the following year.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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