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8th May

1849 The first international yachting race was held between a US and a Bermudian yacht.

1877 The first Westminster Dog Show was held.

1902 Mount Pelee on Martinique erupted, destroying the town of St. Pierre, and killing 40,000 people.

1921 Sweden abolished capital punishment.

1926 * Sir David Attenborough, English broadcaster and naturalist.

1936 * Jack Charlton, former English soccer player and manager.

1945 The whole country rejoiced when the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, officially announced the end of the war with Germany

1946 * Candice Bergen, US actress and successful model.

1962 London trolley buses go out of service

1968 The Kray twins, Reginald and Ronnie and their brother Charlie were arrested during dawn raids by police in London.

1978 David Berkowitz known as the 'Son of Sam' suspected of murdering six people in a killing spree last year pleaded guilty to all the charges against him.

1984 The Thames Barrier, designed to prevent flooding of central London, opened.

1984 Twelve weeks before the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the USSR announces it was boycotting them.

1987 Gary Hart quits democratic presidential race over the Donna Rice affair.

2000 The world's largest modern art gallery 'Tate Modern' opened its doors to the press in London.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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