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10th May

1863 Confederate General Stonewall Jackson died after being accidentally shot by his own troops.

1869 The US first transcontinental railroad was completed with a ceremony in Promontory Point, Utah.

1899 * Fred Astaire, US dancer, actor and singer who made several films with Ginger Rodgers.

1902 * David Selznik, US film producer of the film Gone with the Wind (1939).

1907 Mother's Day was first celebrated by Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, USA.

1910 * Arthur Marshall, English journalist, author and performer of humorous monologues.

1924 J. Edgar Hoover became director of the FBI.

1940 In London, Winston Churchill Replaced discredited Chamberlain, taking charge, as German forces invaded the Low Countries by air and land.

1941 The worst of the London blitz occurred as German bombers dropped 100,000 bombs.

1946 * Maureen Lipman, English television actress.

1967 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards appeared before magistrates charged with drug offences.

1978 55 days after he was kidnapped by the Red Brigade, the murdered Italian politician Aldo Moro was buried after a private funeral service.

1994 Nelson Mandela become South Africa's first black president following more than three centuries of white rule.

1998 The political wing of the republican IRA supported the Good Friday peace agreement heralding a major shift in modern republicanism.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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