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14th May

1727 * Thomas Gainsborough, English painter of landscapes.

1796 Edward Jenner carried out his first successful vaccination against smallpox.

1904 The Olympic Games were held in the United States for the first time, in St. Louis, Missouri.

1905 * Dr. Hastings Banda, Life President of Malawi from 1971.

1926 * Eric Morecambe, English comedian who partnered Ernie Wise in a double-act.

1940 * Chay Blythe, English yachtsman who circumnavigated the world solo.

1948 British rule in Palestine came to an end as The Jewish National Council proclaimed the State of Israel. Within hours, Israel was under attack from Arab forces.

1955 The Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies sign the 'Wasaw Pact' defence pact in the Polish capital, Warsaw, which places all member countries under one military command.

1957 Petrol rationing ended with relief across the country as the paymaster general announces restrictions on fuel consumption imposed during the Suez crisis are to be lifted.

1964 Nasser and Khrushchev the Egyptian and Russian leaders end phase one of the construction of the Aswan High Dam by blowing up a huge sand barrage to divert the course of the Nile.

1973 The first US space station, Skylab I was launched into orbit.

1989 British film stars held a vigil on the Rose Theatre site where Shakespeare had performed.

1991 Winnie Mandela, the wife of anti-apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela, has been given a six-year prison sentence for her part in the kidnap of four youths.

1998 Frank Sinatra died at the age of 82.

2001 Variant CJD, the human form of BSE or "mad cow disease" has been found in 100 people so far and scientists warn a "second wave" in years to come could be much larger.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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