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22nd May

1455 The Lancastrians defeated the Yorkists in the first battle of the War of the Roses.

1859 * Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, novelist who created the detective Sherlock Holmes.

1907 * Laurence Olivier, English classical actor who won an Oscar for the film Hamlet (1948).

1908 The Wright brothers patented their flying machine.

1915 Two trains collided at Gretna Green, Scotland killing 227 people.

1924 * Charles Aznevour, French singer, songwriter and actor.

1927 An earthquake near Xining, China, measuring 8.3 claimed approximately 200,000 victims.

1946 * George Best, former Northern Ireland and Manchester United soccer player.

1969 The Apollo 10 mission sent a manned lunar module within eight miles of the Moon's surface in rehearsal for a summer Moon landing.

1970 The Cricket Council reversed their decision to allow a South African cricket tour of England, a move welcomed by anti-apartheid activist Peter Hain.

1972 President Richard Nixon became the first US President to visit the USSR.

1981 Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, was sentenced to life imprisonment after the judge describes him as "an unusually dangerous man".

2000 Lebanese Hezbollah fighters split Israel's southern occupation zone into two as they approach the common border.

2003 The UN Security Council approved a resolution lifting the economic sanctions against Iraq.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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