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9th June

1781 * George Stephenson, English locomotive designer who designed the Rocket locomotive.

1870 Author Charles Dickens died.

1893 * Cole Porter, US composer and lyricist who wrote the hit musical Kiss Me Kate (1948).

1898 Great Britain took a 99 year lease on Hong Kong from China.

1908 King Edward VI visited Tsar Nicholas II aboard the Royal Yacht on the Baltic Sea.

1933 John Logie Baird demonstrated higher definition TV, 120 picture-lines instead of 30.

1934 Donald Duck made his screen debut in The Wise Little Hen.

1958 The Queen opened an extended airport at Gatwick, south of London, which was modernised at a cost of 7m. Gatwick Airports Ltd began operating in May 1936 with a scheduled service to Paris.

1959 The US launched the first nuclear submarine equipped with Polaris missiles.

1961 * Michael J. Fox, US actor who starred in the Back To the Future films.

1963 * Johnny Depp, US actor who starred in the film Edward Scissorhands (1991).

1975 The first live transmission from the House of Commons was broadcast by BBC Radio and commercial stations. Commentary was provided by BBC political editor David Holmes and Edmund Boyle, from
Independent Radio News.

1983 Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party won a landslide second term election victory, taking 397 seats to Labour's 209.

1993 Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito married commoner Masako Owada.

1995 Andrew Richards was imprisoned for life for the attempted rape of another man in the first case of its kind in Britain.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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