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14th June

1775 The United States Army was founded.

1777 The US Congress adopted the 'Stars and Stripes' as the official flag.

1919 * Sam Wannamaker, US actor, director and producer.

1928 * Che Guevara, legendary Cuban revolutionary born in Argentina.

1940 German troops entered Paris, France and the Swastika flew from the Eiffel Tower.

1951 The first commercial computer, Univac I, was unveiled.

1961 The Ministry of Transport announced that because of the rising number of accidents on uncontrolled zebra crossings, a new type of crossing the 'Panda' with push button controls for pedestrians is being introduced next year.

1961 * Boy George (George O'Dowd), English singer and member of the pop group Culture Club.

1964 South African ANC leader Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment.

1969 * Steffi Graf, German tennis champion who, aged 19, won Wimbledon.

1972 Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers face flight delays and cancellations as pilots threaten to strike over hijack fears.

1982 Margaret Thatcher the prime minister announced that a ceasefire between British and Argentine forces on the Falkland Islands has been agreed after Argentinean troops surrendered to the British forces.

1991 In fear of their lives, more than a thousand Kurds besiege a US military base near the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk, pleading with American troops not to withdraw.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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