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15th June

1215 The Magna Carta was sealed by King John at Runnymede, near Windsor.

1843 * Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer who wrote the music for Peer Gynt in 1876.

1844 Charles Goodyear patented his vulcanized rubber process in the US.

1884 * Harry Langdon, US silent film comedian.

1860 Florence Nightingale started her school for nurses at St. Thomas Hospital, London.

1945 * Nicola Pagett, English actress.

1949 * Simon Callow, English actor who appeared in the film Amadeus (1987).

1966 The Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, opened the world's first hovershow exhibition today at Browndown near Gosport in Hampshire, with news of a Ministry of Defence order worth 1m.

1974 A march through central London leaves one person dead and many more injured as rival demonstrators clash with police and each other.

1977 Adolfo Suarez won the first democratic elections in Spain for 41 years.

1996 A massive bomb devastated a busy shopping area in central Manchester. Two hundred people were injured in the attack, mostly by flying glass. Police believe the IRA planted the device.

1996 Ella Fitzgerald, the 'first lady of song' died in Beverly Hills, California.

2000 The major contingent of the British military task-force sent to help restore order in Sierra Leone left the country. The departure of the prestigious Royal Marines was overseen by UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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