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16th June

1487 The Battle of Stoke ended the Wars of the Roses.

1858 * Gustav V, king of Sweden from 1907 to 1950.

1890 * Stan Laurel (Arthur Jefferson), English-born comedian in US films with Oliver Hardy.

1903 Henry Ford formed his motor manufacturing company.

1922 * Enoch Powell, English politician.

1927 * Tom Graveney, English cricketer.

1963 In Vostok 6, Valentina Tereshkova, a former textile worker from the Soviet Union became the first woman in space. One of the main purposes of her mission was to attempt the first docking manoeuvre with another spaceship.

1976 At least twelve people were reported dead in a series of violent clashes between black demonstrators and police in several South African townships as the Soweto protest turns violent.

1978 The electronic 'Space Invaders' game was demonstrated by the Taito Corp. of Tokyo.

1982 South Wales coalfield came to a standstill as miners strike in support of health workers demanding a 12% pay rise. The miners downed tools because they regard the health workers as allies in their battle against Conservative policies which they believe are hostile to both their interests.

1992 An explosive and controversial new book about Diana the Princess of Wales, including claims she attempted suicide, was published by author Andrew Morton.

1996 Russia voted in its first independent presidential election. Boris Yeltsin eventually won in a rerun.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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