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23rd June

1763 * Empress Joséphine, born on the island of Martinique, who married Napoleon Bonaparte.

1848 Adolphe Sax was awarded a patent for the saxophone.

1868 Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for his invention, the 'Type-Writer.'

1894 * Edward, Duke of Windsor, King of England in 1936 until abdicating to marry a divorcee.

1912 * Alan Turing, English mathematician and computer pioneer.

1940 * Adam Faith (Terence Nelhams), English pop singer and actor.

1956 General Nasser became the first President of Egypt in an unopposed election.

1983 Pope John Paul II held a private meeting with the founder of Solidarity, Lech Walesa, on a visit to Poland.

1985 Sikh terrorists planted a bomb aboard an Air India Boeing 747 killing 325 people.

1990 Sanjay Gandhi, son of the Indian Prime Minister died in a light plane crash.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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