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5th July

1811 Venezuela became the first South American country to declare independence from Spain.

1853 * Cecil John Rhodes, English colonialist and financier.

1865 The first speed limit in the world of 2 mph was imposed in Britain for all motor vehicles.

1865 William Booth formed the Salvation Army in London, England.

1879 * Dwight Filley Davis, founder of the Davis Tennis Cup, and leading US tennis player.

1911 * Georges Pompidou, French Premier from 1962-1968 and President from 1969-1974.

1945 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was defeated in the General Election by Atlee.

1946 The bikini swimsuit made its debut at a Paris fashion show.

1951 * Huey Lewis, pop-singer with the group Huey Lewis and the News.

1954 BBC launched its first daily television news programme.

1967 Israel annexed Gaza.

1975 Arthur Ashe became the first black man to win a Wimbledon singles title when he defeated Jimmy Connors.

1979 The Queen presided over the 1000th annual open-air sitting of the Isle of Man's Parliament, Tynwald.

1981 Up to 30 police officers were injured by bricks and other missiles as rioting and looting broke out in Toxteth, Liverpool.

1989 Colonel Oliver North was given a suspended prison sentence for the Iran-Contra affair.

1991 The Bank of Credit and Commerce International closed UK branches over fraud allegations.

1996 Dolly the first sheep cloned from adult cells, was born.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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