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12th July

1543 Henry VIII married for the sixth and final time to Catherine Parr.

1690 Protestant William of Orange defeated Roman Catholic James II at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland.

1854 * George Eastman, US photographic pioneer who founded Kodak.

1862 US Congress authorized the Medal of Honour.

1878 Cyprus was ceded to Britain by Turkey.

1895 * Oscar Hammerstein II, US librettist and lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers.

1920 US President Wilson opened the Panama Canal.

1928 * Sir Alistair Burnet, award-winning British television newsreader and reporter.

1937 * Bill Cosby, US comedian with his own TV series, The Cosby Show.

1960 The first Etch-A-Sketch went on sale.

1969 Tony Jacklin became the first British golfer to win the British Open since 1951.

1974 The manager of Liverpool football club, Bill Shankly, retired.

1979 Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

1986 Dozens were injured in the second consecutive night of violent riots in Portadown, County Armagh. Violence flared when Orangemen converged on the town yesterday evening after their annual marches to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne.

1990 Boris Yeltsin resigned from the Soviet Communist Party, bringing the radical-conservative split into the open.

1998 Three young brothers were murdered in a loyalist arson attack as the stand-off between Orangemen and police at Drumcree continued.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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