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26th July

1788 New York became the 11th US state.

1847 Liberia became Africa's first republic.

1856 * George Bernard Shaw, Irish-born playwright of the plays St Joan and Pygmalion.

1908 The Office of the Chief Examiner, which in 1935 became the FBI, was formed in Washington, DC.

1922 * Blake Edwards, US film director of the Pink Panther movies.

1943 * Mick Jagger, lead singer and founder of the rock group The Rolling Stones.

1945 Churchill lost general election. Clement Attlee was Britain's new prime minister after Labour won a sweeping victory over the Conservatives.

1946 * Helen Mirren, English actress of the stage and television.

1952 Argentina's first lady, Eva Peron, died from cancer in Buenos Aires at age 33.

1956 President Nasser of Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, to provide funding for the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

1963 Thousands of people were feared dead as a massive earthquake rocked the Yugoslavian city of Skopje.

1974 Military rule ended in Greece.

1983 Victoria Gillick, a mother of 10, failed to prevent doctors prescribing contraception to under-16s without parental consent.

1994 A car bomb exploded outside the Israeli embassy in London injuring 14 people.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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