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14th August

1864 * John Galsworthy, English novelist who wrote the Forsyte Saga.

1893 The world's first car registration plates were introduced in France.

1900 International forces entered Beijing, China, in an effort to suppress the antiforeign uprising known as the Boxer Rebellion.

1910 * Pierre Schaeffer, French composer.

1913 * Fred Davis, twice world snooker champion in 1948 and 1951.

1928 The very first scheduled television programmes were broadcast from WRNY in New York.

1941 In a secret meeting, US President Franklin D Roosevelt and UK PM Winston Churchill agreed plans for downfall of Hitler.

1945 Japan surrendered unconditionally to the Allies thus ending World War2.

1947 Pakistan became independent of British rule.

1961 * Sarah Brightman, English singer and actress.

1969 British troops were deployed in Northern Ireland to restore order.

1979 Dozens of yachts were lost and at least three people killed after a freak storm during the Fastnet yacht race.

1980 Shipyard workers in Gdansk, Poland, strike in protest over the dismissal of trade union activist Anna Walentinowicz, a militant crane driver.

2000 A rescue operation started to save the lives of more than 100 sailors on board a Russian submarine the Kursk, lying powerless at the bottom of the Barents Sea.

2001 The IRA withdrew its proposal on putting its weapons beyond use.

2003 Massive power failures caused chaos across the eastern United States and Canada, hitting cities such as New York and Ottawa.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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