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23rd August

0410 The Visigoths ransacked Rome and so ended the Roman civilization.

1305 Scottish leader and national hero, William Wallace, was executed in London.

1754 * Louis XVI, the last king of France.

1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain with the Treaty of Aquala.

1912 * Gene Kelly, US dancer, singer, actor and star of the film Singin In The Rain (1952).

1914 Japan declared war on Germany in World War I.

1914 The Battle of Mons during World War 1 began.

1926 Star of the silent film era Rudolph Valentino died in New York at age 31.

1939 Germany and Russia signed a non-aggression treaty allowing Hitler to attack Poland.

1940 The Blitz began as German bombers began an all-night raid on London.

1947 * Willy Russell, English playwright who wrote the play Educating Rita (1979).

1949 * Shelley Long, US actress who starred in the comedy TV series Cheers.

1961 Police launch a murder hunt after a man, Michael John Gregsten, was found shot dead and his companion Valerie Storie, seriously wounded in a lay-by in Bedfordshire.

1979 Kurds in Iran ousted government troops from a large area near the Iraqi border.

1985 The head of West German counter-intelligence Hans-Joachim Tiedge, was unmasked as an East German spy.

1990 Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein appeared on state television with western hostages, provoking a storm of outrage.

1991 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev began his purge of cabinet members and officials involved a failed coup.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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