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26th August

1676 * Sir Robert Walpole, British Whig politician and regarded as the first British Prime Minister.

1740 * Joseph Michel Montgolfier, French hot air balloon inventor.

1789 The French Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

1847 Liberia was proclaimed an independent republic.

1875 * John Buchan, Scottish novelist who wrote The Thirty-nine Steps (1915).

1920 The 19th Amendment to the US constitution gave women the right to vote.

1940 The RAF bombed Berlin for the first time in retaliation for attacks on London.

1952 The Soviets announced they had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

1962 An American mother-of-four returned home amid a storm of controversy after having an abortion in Sweden.

1974 Aviator Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic, died.

1975 Peace talks between the Rhodesian Government and the African National Council collapsed.

1980 * Macaulay Culkin, US child actor who starred in the Home Alone movies.

1985 South African-born controversial athlete Zola Budd broke the world 5,000m record.

1994 An unnamed 62-year-old man was given the world's first battery-operated heart in a pioneering operation in Britain.

1999 U.S. athlete Michael Johnson smashed the 400 meters world record by 10 seconds at the World Athletics Championships at Seville.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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