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27th August

1859 The world's first oil well was drilled at Titusville, Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake.

1877 * Charles Stewart Rolls, English aviator and motor manufacturer.

1883 A massive volcanic eruption on the island of Krakatoa blew up most of the island and resulted in tsunamis that killed over 36,000 people.

1908 * Sir Donald Bradman, Australian Test cricketer who averaged 99.94 runs per Test match.

1910 * Mother Teresa of Calcutta, founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity.

1913 Russian pilot Peter Nesterov became the first pilot to perform the loop-the-loop.

1939 The first jet-propelled aircraft, the German Heinkel 178 made its first flight.

1950 The BBC transmitted the first ever live television pictures across the Channel from Calais.

1959 * Gerhard Berger, Austrian Formula 1 motor racing driver.

1962 The US launched the Mariner II space probe.

1967 The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, was found dead at his Belgravia home in London.

1979 At least 18 British soldiers were killed in two booby-trap bomb attacks at Warrenpoint, South Down Northern Ireland.

1979 The Queens' cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten was murdered by an IRA bomb.

1987 Robert Maclennan MP succeeded David Owen as leader of the SDP party.

1990 The 'Guinness Four' accused of involvement in a conspiracy to drive up the price of shares in Guinness were found Guilty.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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