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5th September

1698 Russia's Peter the Great levied a tax on bearded men.

1800 French troops occupying Malta surrendered to the British.

1826 * John Wisden, English cricketer and compiler of cricket records.

1847 * Jesse James, famous US bank robber, eventually murdered by a one of his own gang.

1905 The Treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russo-Japanese War, was signed at the Portsmouth naval base in New Hampshire.

1940 * Raquel Welch, US actress who starred in the film One Million Years BC (1966).

1946 * Freddy Mercury, lead singer with the rock-group Queen.

1959 The first trunk dialling system from a public call-box was launched during a ceremonial phone call from Bristol to London.

1969 Britain's commercial television network, ITV began broadcasting in colour.

1972 Palestinian terrorists kidnapped 9 Israeli athletes from the Olympic Village in Munich.

1975 Two people were killed and 63 injured in a suspected IRA bomb attack in the Hilton hotel in central London.

1979 The Queen lead the nation in mourning as the body of her husband's uncle Lord Mountbatten was

1980 The world's longest road tunnel (10 miles long), the St. Gotthard opened in Switzerland.

1986 The 16-hour siege on a Pan Am jet in Karachi, Pakistan came to a bloody end, with at least 17 people dead.

1997 Mother Teresa, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor, died in Calcutta, India, at age 87.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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