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6th September

1888 * Joseph Kennedy, US senator and father of US President John F. Kennedy.

1852 Britain's first free lending library opened in Manchester.

1880 England played Australia at The Oval, London in the first cricket test match.

1901 President William McKinley was shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York McKinley died on September 14th.

1932 * Bernie Winters, English comedian.

1941 Nazi Germany forced all Jews over the age of six to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothes.

1942 * Britt Ekland, Swedish actress who starred in The Man With the Golden Gun (1974).

1947 * Roger Waters, English bass guitarist and founder member of the rock-group Pink Floyd.

1952 Dozens of spectators were killed as a jet fighter broke up over the crowd at an air show in Hampshire.

1965 Indian troops invaded the city of Lahore in West Pakistan

1970 Four New York-bound airliners were hijacked over western Europe in an operation carried out by a militant Palestinian group.

1972 All nine of the Israeli athletes kidnapped on Tuesday from the Olympic Village in Munich were killed.

1983 The Soviets mistakenly shot down a Korean Airlines Boeing 747 killing all 269 aboard.

1987 The famous Venice regatta was held without the city's gondoliers who had gone on strike.

1997 More than 2 billion people watched Princess Diana's funeral on TV at the end of an unprecedented week of mourning.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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