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25th September

1789 US first Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution and sent them to the states for ratification. The first ten became the Bill of Rights.

1818 The first blood transfusion using human blood took place at Guy's Hospital in London.

1890 Wilford Woodruff, president of the Mormon church, renounced the practice of polygamy. This paved the way for Utah's acceptance as a state in 1896.

1897 Britain's first motor bus service started in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

1929 * Ronnie Barker, English comedy actor who formed a double-act with Ronnie Corbett.

1932 Catalonia in Spain became autonomous with its own parliament and language.

1944 * Michael Douglas, US actor and son of Kirk who starred in the film Wall Street (1988).

1946 * Felicity Kendal, English actress who starred in the TV series The Good Life.

1950 UN forces took control of the South Korean capital Seoul, three months after it fell to North Korea.

1952 * Christopher Reeve, US actor who played Superman in the Superman movies.

1954 'Papa' Doc Duvalier won the Haiti presidential elections.

1957 More than 1,000 paratroopers in full battle dress escorted nine black children to high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

1959 A Buddhist monk assassinated the Sri Lankan PM Bandaranaike.

1983 Thirty-eight prisoners escaped from the Maze a high-security jail near Lisburn in Northern Ireland.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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