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21st October

1772 * Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet who wrote The Ancient Mariner (1798).

1805 At the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson defeated the French fleet but died on this day.

1824 Portland cement was patented by Joseph Aspdin of Wakefield, Britain.

1917 * Dizzy Gilespie (John Birks), US jazz trumpet player, band leader.

1923 The first planetarium opened in Munich.

1940 * Geoffrey Boycott, Yorkshire and England test cricket player.

1952 The President of the Kenya African Union, Jomo Kenyatta, was arrested following the declaration of a state of emergency.

1956 * Carrie Fischer, US actress who starred in the film Star Wars (1977).

1966 Tragedy hit the Welsh village of Aberfan as a coal slag tip engulfed a school burying at least 130 people. 85 children were confirmed dead.

1982 Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness made history as they become the first members of Sinn Fein to be elected to the Ulster Assembly.

1984 Austrian Niki Lauda became world motor racing champion for the third time.

2001 A post office worker in Washington becomes the third person to be diagnosed with anthrax from infected mail.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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