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29th October

1618 Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded at Whitehall, Britain.

1740 * James Boswell, Scottish diarist and biographer of Samuel Johnson.

1787 Mozart's opera Don Giovanni premiered in Prague.

1863 The Red Cross was founded by Swiss philanthropist Henri Dunant.

1925 * Robert Hardy, English stage and television actor.

1929 'Black Tuesday' - Shares on Wall Street crashed leading to the Great Depression.

1948 * Richard Dreyfuss, US actor who starred in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).

1971 * Winona Ryder, US film actress.

1975 General Franco's dictatorship was effectively ended with the announcement heir designate Prince Carlos will take over.

1976 In Selby, the Duchess of Kent opened the first coalfield to be developed in 70 years.

1982 Lindy Chamberlain was found guilty of the murder of her nine-week-old daughter in the "dingo baby murder".

1987 Thomas 'Hit Man' Hearns became the first boxer to win world titles at 4 different weights.

1998 John Glenn, the first American to orbit the moon, returned to space at age 77.

2003 The Conservative Party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, resigned after failing to win the backing of his fellow MPs.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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