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4th November

1605 Guy Fawkes was arrested at the British House of Commons attempting to blow it and King James I up, on the day the king prepared to open Parliament.

1879 * Will Rogers, US actor and humorist.

1914 The first fashion show was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York.

1916 * Walter Cronkite, award-winning US journalist and television commentator.

1918 * Art Carney, US actor who won an Oscar for Harry and Tonto (1974).

1942 The German army in North Africa was in full retreat, after suffering a comprehensive defeat in Egypt at the hands of the 8th Army under General Bernard Montgomery.

1944 * Loretta Switt, US actress who played Hotlips Houlihan in the TV series M* A* S* H.

1956 The Soviet air force bombed the Hungarian capital of Budapest and troops poured into the city in a massive dawn offensive.

1974 M62 bomber Judith Ward was convicted and jailed for life for an army coach bombing in which 12 people died. Note: Her conviction was quashed 18 years later.

1979 Militant Islamic students in Iran stormed the US embassy in Tehran taking 90 people hostage.

1980 Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th US President beating Jimmy Carter in landslide.

1987 Land's End in Cornwall was sold for nearly 7m to the property tycoon, Peter de Savary.

1992 Democrat Bill Clinton won the presidential election to become the 42nd United States president beating the 68-year-old Republican President George Bush.

1995 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rhabin shot dead by Jewish extremist Yigal Amir in Tel Aviv.

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