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7th November

1783 The last public hanging in Britain took place at Tyburn, London.

1867 * Marie Curie (Marya Sklodowska), Polish-born physicist who discovered radium.

1872 The ship, The Marie Celeste, sailed from New York to be later found abandoned.

1918 * Billy Graham, US evangelist.

1926 * Dame Joan Sutherland, Australian operatic soprano.

1943 * Joni Mitchell (Roberta Anderson), Canadian-born singer and songwriter.

1944 President Franklin D Roosevelt won a fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E Dewey.

1956 General D Dwight Eisenhower was returned to the White House with the biggest share of votes for 100 years.

1972 Richard Nixon was re-elected as US President.

1974 Lord Lucan disappeared never to be seen again after killing his children's nanny.

1975 Dr Tiede Herrema, a Dutch industrialist kidnapped by the IRA more than a month ago, was freed.

1984 Ronald Reagan was been elected for a second term as US President in the biggest landslide since George Washington ran unopposed in 1792.

2000 Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of the president, made history when she won a New York Senate seat.

2000 The US Presidency fight between George W Bush and Al Gore ended in controversy because of disputed votes in Florida. Bush was proclaimed the winner over a month later.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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