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8th November

1656 * Edmund Halley, English astronomer who had the famous comet named after him.

1847 * Bram Stoker, Irish author of Dracula in 1897.

1895 William Rontgen discovered X-rays during an experiment at the University of Wurzburg.

1900 * Margaret Mitchell, US author of Gone with the Wind (1936).

1920 Rupert Bear made his first appearance in the Daily Express newspaper.

1935 * Alain Delon, French actor who starred in the film Once A Thief (1965).

1957 An report into the fire at Windscale nuclear power plant in Cumbria blamed the accident on human error.

1974 Detectives were searching for British aristocrat Lord Lucan following the death of his children's nanny.

1974 Businessman Ronald Milhench who forged Harold Wilson's signature to help pull off a deal was jailed for three years.

1987 An IRA bomb exploded at the Cenotaph in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland killing 11 people.

1989 David Dinkins was elected the first black mayor of New York.

1990 Voters in the Republic of Ireland chose their first female president, Mary Robinson.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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