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12th November

1840 * Auguste Rodin, French sculptor of the work The Thinker (1880).

1859 Trapeze inventor and artist Jules Leotard made his debut in Paris.

1923 Adolf Hitler arrested after the failed Beer Hall putsch in Munich on the 8th of November.

1927 Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party and Joseph Stalin became the ruler of the Soviet Union.

1929 * Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco), US actress who starred in High Society (1956).

1942 Pharmaceutical Company Bayer patented polyurethane.

1945 * Neil Young, Canadian-born singer and guitarist.

1954 New York's main immigration point, Ellis Island, closed its doors after 62 years.

1961 * Nadia Comaneci, Romanian gymnast who was the star of the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

1980 Space probe Voyager 1 sent back vivid images of the rings of Saturn across nearly a billion miles of space.

1981 A space first. The space shuttle Columbia became the first space vehicle to be used more than once.

1982 The Polish government freed the leader of the outlawed Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa, after 11 months of internment.

1984 After more than 150 years, the English pound note is to be replaced by a coin.

1987 Van Gogh's painting Irises sold for a world record 30.2 million.

1997 Ronnie Biggs, the "Great Train Robber", celebrated after Brazil rejected a British request to extradite him.

2001 American Airlines Flight 587 crashed after take off from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York with the loss of 260 lives.

2001 Greece holds plane-spotting "spies" to carry out further inquiries into their activities.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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