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13th November

1312 * Edward III, King of England from 1327.

1775 US forces commanded by Gen Richard Montgomery, captured Montreal during the American Revolution.

1850 * Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish author of Treasure Island (1883).

1907 The first helicopter rose 6 feet above the ground in a field in Normandy, France.

1912 * Eugene Ionesco, Romanian born French Playwright

1916 * Jack Elam, US film actor.

1936 King Edward VIII told PM Baldwin that he intended to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson.

1940 Walt Disney's film Fantasia opened in New York - USA.

1950 * Whoopi Goldberg, US film actress.

1964 Pope Paul VI donated his jewelled tiara, to the poor of the world

1969 Britain's first live quintuplets born this century made satisfactory progress at Queen Charlotte's maternity hospital in London.

1970 A cyclone and tidal waves struck east Pakistan killing over 500,000 people.

1971 Pioneering American space probe Mariner 9 reached Mars and successfully went into orbit

1979 The Times newspaper was published for the first time following a year long dispute.

1986 About 20,000 people were feared dead after a volcanic eruption in northern Colombia.

1995 An 18-year-old student was on a life-support machine after taking an ecstasy tablet at her 18th birthday party.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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