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14th November

1840 * Claude Monet, French impressionist painter.

1889 New York World reporter Nellie Bly set off on a 72 day round-the-world trip.

1889 * Jawaharial Nehru, the first prime minister of an independent India in 1947.

1900 * Aaron Copland, US composer of the ballet music for Billy the Kid (1939).

1908 * Joseph McCarthy, US senator who led the anti-communist "witch hunts".

1910 The first aircraft to take off from a ship took place, from the cruiser Birmingham in Chesapeake Bay.

1948 * Prince Charles (Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor), Prince of Wales.

1952 Britain's first music chart was published in New Musical Express.

1969 The BBC began colour television broadcasting.

1973 Two women and six IRA men were found guilty of exploding car bombs outside the Old Bailey and Scotland Yard.

1973 Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.

1977 Firefighters claimed widespread support for their first national strike, over a 30% pay demand.

1991 America demanded Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi hand over Libyan intelligence officers indicted over the Lockerbie bombing.

1999 Lennox Lewis became the first British boxer of the 20th century to be acclaimed undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world defeating Evander Holyfield in their rematch at Las Vegas.

2000 Convoys of lorries and tractors converged on London and Edinburgh to mark the 60-day deadline for government action to cut fuel tax.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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