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15th November

1738 * Sir William Herschel, British astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus in 1781.

1837 Isaac Pitman published details of his short-hand writing system.

1889 Brazil became a republic on Pedro II's abdication.

1891 * Erwin Rommel, Leading German General of WWII.

1897 * Aneurin Bevan, British labour politician and architect of the National Health Service.

1901 An electrical hearing aid was patented by Miller Reese of New York.

1926 The NBC (National Broadcasting Company) was inaugurated in the US.

1932 * Petula Clark, English singer and actress.

1937 * Yaphet Kotto, US film actor.

1940 The German Luftwaffe bombed Coventry in a massive raid leaving much of the city devastated.

1951 Anti-government rebels killed 11 people in an attack on a rubber plantation in Malaya.

1969 In the largest war protest ever 250,000 protesters against the Vietnam War converged on Washington, DC.

1977 Princess Anne gave birth to a boy Peter Mark Andrew Phillips, the first royal baby to be born a commoner for more than 500 years.

1985 Britain and the Republic of Ireland signed a deal giving Dublin a role in Northern Ireland for the first time in more than 60 years.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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