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25th November

1835 * Andrew Carnegie, US industrialist who devoted his wealth to libraries and universities.

1844 * Karl Friedrich Benz, German engineer who patented the internal combustion engine.

1884 Evaporated milk was patented by John Mayenburg of St. Louis, Missouri.

1896 William Marshall became the first person in Britain to receive a parking ticket.

1915 * General Augusto Pinochet, President of Chile after a military coup.

1920 * Ricardo Montalban, Mexican-born actor who starred in the TV series Fantasy Island.

1952 Agatha Christie's play, The Mousetrap opened in London.

1963 The funeral of the assassinated President, John F Kennedy, took place in Washington.

1969 John Lennon returned his MBE in protest at Britain's support of US action in Vietnam.

1973 Greek leader and self-appointed President, George Papadopoulos was deposed as the Greek government was toppled by the armed forces after weeks of unrest.

1986 The Iran-Contra Affair, the biggest political scandal in the United States during the 1980's broke.

1998 The Turkish government collapsed after losing a no-confidence motion over corruption allegations.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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