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26th November

1789 In the USA Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by President George Washington to mark the 1621 harvest of the Pilgrim Fathers.

1832 John Mason introduced the first trams in New York.

1908 * Lord Charles Forte, British chairman of the hotel and restaurant group Forte.

1910 * Cyril Cussack, South African born actor who appeared in the film Odd Man Out (1947).

1922 Howard Carter and Lord Caernavon discover the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt.

1922 * Charles Schulz, US cartoonist who created the cartoon strip 'Peanuts'.

1939 * Tina Turner (Annie Mae Bullock), US rock singer.

1950 The Chinese Communists entered the Korean War.

1953 Peers supported the Government's proposals for commercial television, despite fierce opposition from some rebels who feared the influence of advertisers.

1959 The House of Lords voted against the introduction of commercial radio.

1966 French President Charles de Gaulle opened the world's first tidal power station (Brittany).

1968 The new Race Relations Act made it illegal to refuse housing, employment or public services to people because of their ethnic background.

1972: Police foiled an IRA hospital rescue attempt when eight armed men protesting against the imprisonment of IRA hunger striker Sean MacStiofain tried to rescue him from a Dublin hospital.

1983 The Brinks Mat security warehouse at Heathrow airport was robbed of 25m of gold bars.

1992 The Queen became the first British monarch since the 1930s to pay income tax.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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