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2nd December

1697 The newly re-built St Pauls Cathedral was opened to the public.

1804 Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor in Paris by Pope Pius VII.

1805 Lord Nelson was killed during the Battle of Trafalgar .

1859 * George Seurat, French painter.

1899 * Sir John Barbirolli, English conductor.

1901 In the US King Camp Gillette marketed the first safety razor.

1906 * Peter Goldmark, Hungarian inventor of long-playing records.

1915 * Adolf Green, US lyricist and librettist.

1942 At the University of Chicago, the world's first nuclear reaction took place.

1954 US President Eisenhower announced the signing of a pact of mutual security with the Nationalist Chinese Government.

1954 Senator Joseph McCarthy, was censured for conduct unbecoming to a senator.

1977 South African police were cleared of the death of Steve Biko who died while in detention.

1982 Barney B. Clark received the first artificial heart in a transplant at Utah Medical Centre, Salt Lake City.

1988 Thousands of people were feared dead after a devastating cyclone in Bangladesh.

1995 Rogue trader Nick Leeson was sentenced to jail for six years for fraud in financial dealings which contributed to the fall of Britain's oldest merchant bank.

2001 The Enron Corporation under CEO Kenneth Lay, filed for bankruptcy.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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