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8th December

1542 * Mary Queen Of Scots, Scottish Queen who ascended to the throne aged seven.

1863 The world's first heavyweight boxing championship took place in Kent, Britain where Tom King of England beat American John Heenan.

1865 * Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer.

1925 * Sammy Davis Jr, US actor and singer who starred in the film Sweet Charity (1969).

1941 The US, Britain and Australia declared war on Japan following the Pearl Harbour attack.

1941 * Geoff Hurst, England soccer player who scored a hat-trick in the 1966 World Cup Final.

1943 * Jim Morrison, US lead singer with the rock group 'The Doors'.

1949 Communist attacks forced the Chinese Nationalist government to flee to the island of Formosa.

1965 The new Race Relations Act came into force making racial discrimination unlawful in public places.

1978 Golda Meir former Israeli prime minister died.

1980 John Lennon was shot dead outside his New York apartment by 'fan' Mark Chapman.

1983 TV Cameras were allowed into the House of Lords after its members vote in favour of allowing live broadcasts from its chamber.

1987 Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan signed a treaty limiting ground-based nuclear missiles.

1991 The Soviet Union came to an end, with the forming of a "Commonwealth of Independent States".

1995 A head teacher Philip Lawrence, 48, died after being stabbed outside St George's Roman Catholic School, Maida Vale.

2003 A court in Athens convicted 15 key members of Greece's most infamous left-wing terrorist group known as November 17. For the murder of British Brigadier Stephen Saunders.

xxxx * = Date of birth

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